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1. 在爱情里,最大的过错是错过。

In love relationships, the greatest fault is to miss the right person.

2. 只要你的世界充满阳光,我可以永坠黑暗。

As long as your world is full of sunshine, I could face the dark forever.

3. 你对我这么好,不怕我以身相许啊。

You are so good to me. Don't you afraid that I fall in love with you.

4. ——“离开我,你会更好,更幸福!”

" You will be better and happier without me."


" I don't need the happiness without you in it."

5. 可悲的是,直到最后我才发现,你翘首以盼的未来里根本没有我。

Sadly to say, not until the end do I notice that I'm not in the future you've been looking forward to.

6. 如果你喜欢一个人,就不会拿他(她)和任何人作比较。

If you loe someone, you will not compare him/her with anyone else.

7. ——“人魔虐我千百遍”

“ Evil torture me thousand times.”


“ You take him as your puppy love. ”


" I take him as instant noodles."


" You want to date him. "

8. 在不爱你的人面前,你最大的错误就是你的一往情深。

In front of the one who doesn't love you, your biggest mistake is your crazy love.

9. 如果你要的是这种虚情假意的安慰,要多少有多少。

If such fake comforts are what you want, I can give as much as you want.

10. 你要相信,求而不得的爱情,有的时候就是天意。

You need to believe that the love you pursuit but fail maybe is fate.

11. 闺蜜就是你没钱我养着你,你有钱了赶紧给我还钱。

Best friend is when you have no money, he/she will take god care of you, but while you have money, he/she will the first one to ask you return the money.

12. 有的人就是很轻易地爱上一个人,然后很随便的就不爱了,还有一种人,就是不会随便的爱上,但是爱上了,也就放不下了。

Some of the people just love someone easily, but soon he'll easily change. And there is another type of people. They will not fall for someone easily, but once they do, they will never change.

13. 爱情最美好的样子,是从你的眼里看见我的世界。

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The most beautiful way of love is I can see my world in your eyes.



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